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You may purchase program without additional purchase of brow rehab kit

Start by purchasing Brow Rehab at home kit. You will bring this to each Brow rehab appointment.

(Kit is optional but is a great component for optimal program results)
Kit includes:
Eyebrow Elixir (Growth Serum)
Brow Savior Signature Tweezers Set
Brow Gel
Makeup Bag
Brow Rehab Program


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What's the Catch

There isn’t one! Sign up today for only $25 a month and purchase our optional brow rehab home kit….that’s it!

Microblading Eyebrows

We Have a Solution

The Brow Savior Rehab program!

What is It?

Tired of trying to figure out the solution? Want the brows of the celebrities or the brows you’ve never had? Wouldn’t you like to get help with your NATURAL brows? Keep reading.
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Brow Rehab

How Do I Get the Best Results?

Start by purchasing Brow Rehab at home kit. Visit us once a month, bring your kit and let the Brow Savior work her magic. During each appointment, we will ensure you are using the at home kit properly, groom and trim your brows, evaluate your brow growth progress and train your brows to possibly grow into the shape you desire! If you decide to not purchase the Brow Rehab kit, we will simply clean and shape your brows during your appointment.