Paying with Cherry

Treat yourself and pay later! Cherry can be used to finance any and every service that we offer.

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Permanent Makeup all other tattoo services

Laser Treatments, Botox and Injectables


Have you been eyeing our services? Enjoy the freedom of using for FSA or HSA to help cover eligible services


Paying with Klarna

When PAYING WITH KLARNA, be sure to book appointment first. Not doing so may result in appointment being paid for but not approved by Facial Xpressions Makeup and Microblading.

Please notify us if you have had previous eyebrow or scalp micropigmentation work done before utilizing Klarna.

Automatic denials for services include:

Pregnant / Breastfeeding Chemotherapy with the last year Under the Age of 18
Care Credit

Paying with Care Credit

Care Credit helps you pay for services rendered at Facial Xpressions Makeup and Microblading. Once you are approved, you can use it again and again to help manage  beauty costs not covered by insurance.