Jaisheela Kondru, MD

Romya Medix PLLC

“ Rethinking Vitality.”

In her 15 years  as an Internal Medicine physician, Jaisheela has treated numerous ailments with IV fluids and supplements. As an avid runner, road biker and busy mom, she understands the value of adequate hydration, vitamins and mineral supplements for optimum health and recovery. She regularly participates in half marathons and centenary bike rides. Jaisheela was born and raised in India and completed her Internal Medicine residency at Seton Hall University, New Jersey. She now lives in Cary.

 Our goal is to preserve, restore or enhance your vitality At Romya Medix, we strive to cater to your specific needs in a relaxed and safe setting. We promise you a superior experience while we incorporate wellness and beauty into your daily living.  In the hands of experts, we will get you back to your next adventure as quickly as possible and we hope to exceed your expectations in that journey.