Lip Lightening

$600 (includes 2 sessions)

Lip Lightening is a procedure that is provided to those who wish to correct unwanted darkness of the lips. Using advanced color theory, pigments are custom blended in effort to “Neutralize” the darkness of the lips with an end goal of returning them to a natural even toned color.
Discolored lips can be the result of a few things that range lifestyle choices to underlying medical conditions.
Trauma or injury. A bruise can form on one or both lips following an injury. This can cause your lips to be partly or entirely purple or other dark tones.
Heat from smoking that cause lips to turn dark in color
Lack of Vitamins such as B12
Hyperpigmentation is also called Melasma( abnormal increase of the melanin on the skin and lips)
Thyroid disorders
Certain use of medications
Too much caffeine consumption
Lip sucking/biting
Allergic reactions to foods, toothpaste, lipstick or cosmetics
Lips that turn blue or darker in color may be a sign that there’s not enough oxygen available from the bloodstream
Certain chemicals in lipsticks, balms and colored lip creams may also cause rashes and hyperpigmentation


Corrects unwanted darkness of lips
Great Procedure for Ex-smokers
Great for those with hereditary dark lips
Minimal discomfort/Pain
Achieves even tone of lips for a more youthful appearance
Ideal for both men and women
Lasts 1-3 years (results may vary)

Examples of Procedure

Photo Cred: Tess Marti/ Chara Hilson
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