Modern Muscle Manipulation

60 Minute Treatment Session -$95
90 Minute Treatment Session- $115
 120 Minute Treatment Session -$145

Customized medicating session that contains integrated techniques, curated to reduce the existence of stress, pain, and tension of the muscles. Healing is the leading intention for all medical treatments and intended to moderate pain, while revitalizing the systems of the body. Therapeutic goals are maximized through the implementation of various applications to support continued wellness, for the mind-body-spirt connection.

Our preventive approach incorporates the use of oil or cream to assist with the practice of muscle manipulation and aids in the achievement of strengthening and improving the performance and production of the body’s muscle fibers. 

Prenatal Muscle Manipulation

80 Minute Treatment Session $105

Permitted after the 13 weeks of the term pregnancy, considering that there are no risk or threats for a healthy pregnancy. Prenatal Massage is commonly prescribed by various medical practitioners and supports the altered structure of the expecting mother’s body, while alleviating many challenging aches, pains, and habits experienced during the pregnancy. The performance of this session is modified to the comfort of the expecting client in the side lying or prone (face up) position. The modifications are made possible with specialized cushions (bolsters and pregnancy specific pillows).

Heated Basalt Stone Muscle Manipulation

90 Minute Treatment Session $125

Incorporates the use of 18 heated basalt stones devoted to melting away tension and stress of the muscles, while increasing blood circulation. This session is customized to provide a smoothly invigorating moment of restoration with specific targets to all quadrants of the body. Body assessments are preformed to ensure that the stones are size/temperature appropriate for maximum results.

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Somatic (Cold Stone) Face Massage


Sugar Laced Foot Scrub