"The Brow Savior"

KenDreeka L. Carrington

Specializing in Microblading, Lip Lightening and Nano Brows

Certified Edges/Hairline Restoration Pigmentation Specialist
Certified Permanent Makeup Specialist
Blood Borne Pathogen certified
Licensed and Insured
Permitted by Wake County Health Department to perform permanent cosmetic procedures
A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

KenDreeka’s passion for permanent makeup allows her to help other women and men feel confident about themselves. She believes that people that she comes in contact with daily should feel that they are naturally beautiful the way God saw fit for them to be and should enjoy enhancing such magnificent assets. 


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  • Makeup Artist “ACRIMONY” (Tyler Perry FILM) Atlanta GA

  •  Makeup Artist (Tyler Perry Studios) Atlanta GA

  •  “Your World” with Creflo Dollar (Boosie/ 2Chainz/KIM POTHIER)

  •  Makeup Artist for ATL house of Shoots’s Film and Production Workshop ( Atlanta GA)

  • On-set Film Makeup Artist (Legacy Worldwide Duluth GA)

  •  “Excluzive Hair” branding campaign Photo shoot (Riverdale, GA)

  •  Dee Dee Trotter’s “Running for the People” Cancer Awareness Event (Atlanta GA)

  • Kontrol Magazine “Fashion in the City” (Atlanta GA)

  •  Mystique Modeling Troupe (Greensboro NC)

  •  Couture Modeling Troupe (Greensboro NC)

  •  Fashion Prodigy “One Year’s Journey” documentary (Durham, NC)

  •  Makeup Artist for Stevie Boi Eyewear Collection at Charlotte Fashion Week 2014 (Charlotte NC)

  • 2014 Raleigh RAW Makeup Artist Honoree (Raleigh, NC)

  •  Naudre Modeling Agency Benefit Fashion Show (Raleigh NC)

  •  The Fashion Exchange (Greensboro, NC)

  •  FashLuxe Boutique Fashion Show (Raleigh NC)

  • Trending Topics III Fashion Show  (Greensboro, NC)

  •  Vintage Kouture Fashion Show (Raleigh, NC)

  •  Makeup Artist for Prestige Modeling Troupe (Riverside High School, Durham NC, 2010-2012) 

  • Show Eco Friendly Fashion Show (Raleigh, NC)

  •  Redress Raleigh Fashion Show (Durham, NC)

  •  Urban vs Couture Fashion Show (Atlanta GA)