Skin Care Treatments

During treatment, your skincare professional will cleanse, steam, exfoliate and replenish your skin using a combination of modalities which include Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels. We include Aromatherapy, LED Light Therapy and Radio Frequency when needed.
Depending upon treatments, skin care treatments may last 30-90 minutes. Mild discomfort and downtime may be contingent upon concentration of ingredients used. It is important to follow post-procedure protocols based on your skincare professional’s analysis and prescription. 

Vital C Nourishing Skin Treatment


This indulgent treatment nourishes dry skin using a combination of the Vital C Hydrating Collection and complimenting products. Experience being rejuvenated by our lymphatic drainage massage that removes impurities and boost circulation creating that healthy glow!
Ideal for…
Removing /decreasing hyperpigmentation and dark spots
Increase of moisture
 Evening skin tone and complexion

Clear Cell Renewal Skin Treatment


This customized treatment promotes cell renewal and regeneration leaving skin free of impurities creating that “boost”. The Clear Cell Collection will have your skin and mood restored!
Ideal for…
Plumping to decrease fine lines and wrinkles
Cell rejuvenation
Increasing skin elasticity and collagen

Jojoba Purifying Skin Treatment


Be Intentional and purposeful with this purifying treatment that combines powerful antioxidants that get deep into pores reducing oil appearance and production. Jojoba Oil is used as a cleansing method. It acts as a deep cleanser to dissolve unwanted sebum and helps dislodge comedones.
Ideal for…
Reducing oil production
Deep pore cleansing
Balancing skin tone

Express Revive Skin Treatment


On the Go? This 30-minute elixir is an awesome revive!! Needing an Instant Face Lift? This treatment will give you the refresh your skin needs Immediately!! 
Ideal for…
Instant facelift
Refreshing skin
Stimulating cell production for a healthy glow

Service Enhancements

Foot Scrub


Microdermabrasion (for smoother improved texture)


LED Light Therapy to balance skin tone and reduce the appearance of Hyperpigmentation